Dear Fellow Credit Card Holder,


Congratulations on your new purchase! Buy Enjoy Pay Later-tv

It is so exciting to make a big purchase, especially when you get to enjoy it for awhile before you have to pay for it.

You may have heard the saying “What you don’t know …”


Savvy cardholders know,
“What you don’t know
CAN hurt you!”


Everyday I talk with someone who is upset because they did not know or understand the rules of the game. Just like in sports, there are rules & when the rules are not followed there are penalties.

When you use credit to make a purchase, whether big or small, there are rules that must be followed for the repayment of the debt. If those rules are not followed, there are penalties as well.


Specialized credit products are so common yet they can be so complex, users need to be informed to avoid pitfalls. This book provides solid, easy to understand advice to help people make the right choices.

Denise – Communications Professional


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How do I know this?

I work as a credit card collections agent. My job is to arrange payment for delinquent credit card accounts.

Day after day, person after person, some common situations arise. I am here to share a few of the things I have learned, so you can avoid having someone like me give you call.

Buy now – pay later. It’s great when it works!

It can be less pleasant when something goes wrong.


With his ebook How to Be Credit Card Savvy Derrall has focused on a growing group of people who can easily be mislead into credit cards that are too good to be true. By providing easy to understand examples, solutions and ways to use the cards to the consumer’s advantage How to Be Credit Card Savvy is an easy read with practical solutions and benefits for today’s consumer.

Jim – Radio Station Program Director


BUY NOWCredit Card Savvy -3d cvr
(only $2.99 — available immediately as a Kindle download!)


In this book you will find:

  • a working definition for some of the terms that are used in the small print of your credit card agreement.
  • 3 common situations that arise on a regular basis
  • practical suggestions how to avoid them
  • a proven strategy to reduce your debt while still living your life


If you find credit cards and credit card statements, payments and fees confusing, overwhelming or something you’d just as soon ignore, this simple book can give you the basic essentials you need to navigate through the world of credit cards and debt payments confidently and successfully. As I teach all my clients, awareness, knowledge and clarity gives you power. This book can support you to take back your power around credit cards, credit card companies and your debt.

Teresa Romain
President & Founder
Access Abundance!(TM) Inc.


BUY NOWCredit Card Savvy -3d cvr
(only $2.99 — available immediately as a Kindle download!)

P S. Knowledge is power. Take advantage of my experience and enjoy these practical solutions to your credit card challenge. It is time to move forward. Act now!